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When you see the name of the site you wonder if you’ve stumbled across a football site but once you actually take a look at the content you notice that you’re gravely mistaken. is all about escorts and, well, punting them. Punting is another word used for having sex with your escort, and the ‘real’ part of the site name is there because these girls are real escorts. It’s a British site so you can be sure of those hot, Brit accents, and there’s nothing better than a Brit accent in the middle of a fuck fest.

The site is shown from a guy’s point of view, but well, what porn site isn't. You are basically given a report on each girl by the bloke (A British guy) they’ve just been punted by. You are shown pictures, videos and written testimonials on how long, how good and for how much these girls can give you a good time for. The videos however are the main game of the site.

Each video is anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes long. The videos are great and you get to see the girls in ‘working action’ but you do notice that there is a lot of chatting, before and even after the filthy fucking. Mind you, its on a personal level so that you can find out more about each girl. What’s even better than the filthy videos, the rude pictures and the wonderful written testimonials is this; Have you ever had the thought in your mind after watching a dirty porno of “Damn I would like to give her one” well, of course you have, who hasn’t? The good thing about is that you can give her one. Each girl has a link to her own personal site and some even go as far as putting up their personal telephone number, give her a call and arrange a date, don’t forget the camera though.

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